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          Engineering Professor (EngProf6)

                   Mathematical Model of Stocks and Indices


My Thoughts on Yahoo!!?? Message Boards:



As a good engineer (which I definitely think I am) working at a research-intensive university, I have had the opportunity to work on many engineering projects. The project you are reading about on this site is the result of my interest in the financial markets, in engineering and in mathematics. Over the years, while I worked on mathematical modeling of a variety of engineering processes and phenomena with my graduate students, I postulated that it should be possible to use mathematics in the evaluation of stocks and market indices. In reality, mathematics is used across a wide spectrum, under the general heading of technical analysis, to quantify, evaluate and compare entities. One of the simplest and probably most extensively used is the concept of moving averages.




Over the years, I tried various approaches in an effort to develop my own analysis, but I was never quite satisfied. And neither was I satisfied with many of the other results coming out of the majority of the commercial operations for assessing stocks etc.. I had my own views of what I wanted to see. I worked a number of years to develop a model that is now introduced on my website.


In Feb. 2006, I went public in that I first discussed my project in public but under the guise of anonymity. I went to the Yahoo message boards where I joined 5 groups that represented 5 stocks (which I had some familiarity with from present or past experiences – not all good I might add). I remember my first posting wherein I criticized the value of AKAM. I did this to see what would happen. I was taken aback by the reaction. All kinds of counter posts appeared. Some told me politely to move on while others were not so pleasant. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the notion of an audience and the questions and the answers.


My Experience with Yahoo Boards:

Put plain and simply, the administrators of Yahoo message boards made my life ‘hell’. This happened almost from the first day. It would appear I was branded a ‘spammer’. As soon as I posted 5 replies (or new posts) my account would lock up. When I tried to make another post, there would be time-outs etc.. Yahoo never told me this; they just did it. So imagine, there you are after having composed a 1 page answer to a post. You hit the post button and nothing happens. The frustration I felt was intense.


I then decided to set up a web page given my very limited ability to do some serious research on the boards, And given I was on Yahoo, I found that I could set one up there on geocities. So I registered and set one up. When I tried telling the board posters about this and, specifically, when I tried passing the address of my website to them – all hell broke loose. They cancelled my accounts, they erased all my postings, they made my life miserable. In fact, they cancelled the account I used to manage the website. So what remains of the original web page (dated March 15’06) is still posted at It is an interesting post if you read it and put it into today’s context. I can’t erase it.


Below is the reproduction of a post I made on the AKAM board after I discovered Google. It was posted as Message #114129 on March 25’06 at 5:50 pm. I made similar posts on several other boards (until Yahoo sniffers pulled the plug again).


Message #114129 on the AKAM Message Board:


Hi All Yahoo Board Posters,


I have discovered finance dot google dot com. I love it. I was the first poster on the AKAM discussion group! What a thrill. Now all that’s needed is an audience and fellow posters.


Google is really what I was looking for. They post your web page address, your email address etc. and they make them LINKABLE. Meanwhile back at Yahoo I was treated like a criminal (by Yahoo). The posters were fun. Hey I even learned to chuckle when Sircum.. called me the assortment of names.


Yahoo, for someone like myself who was trying to interact with as many posters as possible made that impossible. They restricted my access to about 5 postings (or replies) per 4 hours or so. They made my life a bummer. How I resented having my answers to many of you just sit (and being lost) on my computer because Yahoo would simply not post them. They would not tell me the posting was not going through. It simply didn’t happen. They cancelled my accounts. Erased all my work. Now I know Sircum said goooood but I am not used to that kind of treatment. In all fairness – Yahoo is a disgrace. I’m sorry to be so negative but after one month of countless hours wasted I simply have to vent.


I feel that at Google I can unleash more of my potential. At this point, I am working on my web site and have added on the site some comments I wrote about the model. I’ve also updated last week’s results.


I will drop into Yahoo boards but I will now use more of my time on Google where the structure of the posts is more professional (less of the ‘conversational’ style found on Yahoo). I will be honest and state it’s not for everyone. However, at this point, I think I will call it home.


Good luck to all and remember to keep your eyes on the end of next week.


Stay tuned.



In closing, I would like you to know that I tried contacting Yahoo about my situation. A form email letter response was all I received. They are definitely not easy to get a hold of.



The Yahoo boards are full of ‘crack pots’. Obviously, there are some individuals who are informative, interesting and well versed. On the other hand, there are those that are difficult to coexist with especially if you hold a view that differs from theirs. The boards are glorified chat rooms. Yahoo singled me out as a spammer because I was spreading the basic info I am now posting on my website. While I won’t argue their motives, their methods were outrageous.


On another front, the Tripod (Lycos) web facility is vastly superior to what I was using on geocities (Yahoo). Thus, my overall view of Yahoo has greatly deteriorated. On the other hand, my overall view of Lycos and Google has improved substantially. Google’s site is definitely a winner with me (and I hope with you).


Good Luck to All