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          Engineering Professor (EngProf6)

                   Mathematical Model of Stocks and Indices


Macobserver Readers are ‘checking’ what is posted on Google Forum:



I am a professor of engineering at a research-intensive university. I have developed a mathematical model which I’ve back tested and am now testing in the field (i.e. live with real players and all the emotions that come with this). The model is based on price movements. It has no inputs to account for emotional decisions, earnings, announcements and the like. The inputs are simple and they require essentially no knowledge of the company (similar to reading a chart).


My analysis differs from much of the conventional technical (or trend) analysis in that I have created dimensionless numbers that, as far as I know, are unique. The chronological progression of these numbers in time is used to generate the results.


Open Challenge to TOMMO_UK (Macobserver):

Reproduced from Google Forum:

I'm glad that a number of readers to my website (

are coming from the forum because someone noticed some

of my posts on Google. I thank them for their visits. However, I also

realize that a few shots have been taken at me because of my view that

AAPL will go up (at least not go down) in the coming 3-4 weeks. I would

like to remind everyone that a cycle can only be judged in its

entirety. Moreover, not all cycles (about 20-25%) will be right.

Irrespective, everyone has a right to one's own opinion - a right I

deeply respect.


I would like to challenge TOMMO_UK from the macobserver forum who made

a couple of negative comments to come forth and match my forecast which

I update and publish everyday. There is lots of time. I checked

TOMMO-UK's profile. He (she) averages 10.2 posts per day and has posted

 about 3850 messages in the past year. One would guess we have here an

expert on AAPL. I am not. I follow many stocks, in addition, to my 'day



Nonetheless, I challenge him (her) to make his (her) own forecast for

AAPL  for the coming 3 weeks. I will post it on my webpage.  Does he

think I will be wrong with my forecasted UP cycle? The criticisms of

this UP cycle are quick but no mention is made of what happened in the

preceeding DOWN cycle.  He (she ) posted at 5:00 pm Monday March 27

when AAPL was about $59.50.


What say you TOMMO_UK? You have my email address for easy and quick