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I Will Not Take My Being ‘Banned’ From Google Lightly


On Friday, April 21, my ‘EngProf6’ account was ‘BANNED’ from all Google Discussion Groups. I was extremely unhappy about this event. I know in my heart, I have done nothing wrong. In fact, my strong feeling is that those who succeeded in having me removed are the ones guilty of unethical behavior.


I have written an extensive letter to Google. I await an answer. And if an acceptable answer is not forthcoming .......  ”Are there any eager lawyers out there looking for a challenge?”


At this point, I will keep confidential my letter to Google. However, if they do not respond by Tuesday, April 25’06, I will publish it here and on some of the boards. I will also send hard copies to GOOG’s head office and legal department.


One of the individuals who is responsible for what happened to me on Google is the poster ‘apersaud’. I base my statement, in part, on the advice he gave his fellow posters on the AAPL board. The following is a reproduction of his post:

From:  apersaud - view profile

Date:  Mon, Apr 17 2006 9:19 pm 

Email:   "apersaud" <>


I'm glad more people are speaking up. It was only a matter of time.

Just in case those of you didn't know - click -> 'show options' and then 'Report Abuse' if you consider his posts spam.



Other messages he has posted have criticized (in fact, he has attempted to falsely discredit) my model, my work, my character and me – the professor. I find it frustrating that he (and others like him) actually visit my web site on a regular basis. Here is what one of them said when I discovered that he, ‘Sensor Steve’, who is at Vanderbilt U., is a regular visitor. This is what he posted in reply:

From:  SenorSteve - view profile

Date:  Fri, Apr 21 2006 9:42 am 

Email:   "SenorSteve" <>


I am the person looking at your crap from a Vanderbilt IP address, so don't flatter yourself.  I look at your site "multiple times" (around five I think) to look at you inane analysis mostly for a laugh.


I am probably going to look at it after I get done writing this too, so brace yourself and your hit counter for another one.


Google banned me 5 or 6 hours after the above posting. Talk about timing.


Last Sunday, April 16’06 I posted the following message on the AAPL board (also found on my web site):

From:  EngProf6 - view profile

Date:  Sun, Apr 16 2006 1:34 pm 

Email:   "EngProf6" <>


AAPL is about to enter (as early as Monday) and QQQQ is currently in a 2 week DOWN cycle according to my hybrid computation engine. However, the Dow and S&P500 are in an UP cycle. The bottom line - the markets are CONFUSED. We have the Dow and SPY going one way and the QQQQ the other way.



A portion of this quote was repeated by apersaud in one of his messages in an attempt to discredit my findings and .....


When I wrote the message quoted above on Sunday, April 16, the Dow was at 11,138 and this Friday it closed at 11,347 for a gain of 209 points.

The S&P500 was at 1,289 and this Friday (the 21st) it closed at 1,311 for a gain of 22 points.

The QQQQ was at 42.10 and this Friday (the 21st) it closed at 42.00 for a loss of 0.10 points.

And AAPL was at $66.47 and this Friday the ‘after hours close’ was $66.64 for a gain of 17 cents on the week. (I’m using the after hours value to simply make a point.)


This past week was interesting. It was full of earnings announcements. There was a lot of drama (not to mention oil, Iran etc..) That makes my forecast even more fascinating. As I stated, the Dow and S&P were to go one way and the QQQQ and AAPL the other way. How many other models are you aware of that made this kind of prediction on Friday, April 14th (or earlier).


I hope that people who appreciate what I’m doing will help to ensure that individuals like apersaud and SensorSteve (his real name is in his profile) do not succeed in silencing someone like me for whatever ulterior (or egotistical) motives they have.


Email them, email their universities, email Google. And copy me on your emails. I devote a fair amount of time to ensure that I produce a quality report every day. I want to continue doing this until the end of the year. However, I resent being treated like a CRIMINAL, which is the eerie feeling I get when I see the message that states I have been banned. What do I want? I want my reputation cleared – I want Google to reinstate my account and acknowledge its action was premature and that I did not violate the terms of service. I want the posters who ‘reported me’ to apologize to me and to those who appreciate what I am doing. I want them and Google to acknowledge that the boards belong to all and that my views and opinions have as much right to be posted as those of the others.


I do all this work by myself in addition to being an engineering professor. The harassment, and the attempts to discredit my reputation and my work have diverted a fair amount of my attention from analyzing stocks and indices to dealing with ‘delinquents’.  They are today’s internet version of the delinquent with a can of spray paint posting insults and slurs for others to see. The big difference, in my case, is that Google has sided with the delinquents. I choose to believe that Google did not take their investigation seriously and rushed to judgment.


As I said before, if Google claims that its action was justified, then I repeat, “Are there any lawyers out there who would like to take Google on?” If Google believes it is right in doing what it did, then let them say so (an email to me to that effect is sufficient). I’ll take it from there. Incidentally, if there are reporters, journalists, writers, etc... who may have an interest in this story, I will consider speaking to them.