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Last Updated:  July 17, 2007    


Status of My Trading Accounts for ‘My Journey’


My objective is to double the value of my account in a time frame of 3 months (12 weeks). If I can do that over a span of 2 years, the 5K initial investment will multiply by 28 = 256. This would imply a worth of $1.28M. So, stay tuned.


A copy of my brokerage statement at the close today along with the one for the previous day are shown below (for options and futures trading). I will try to show 2 statements at a time so that you can see what has changed. I am collecting copies of these statements and will eventually make them available.  I have removed my futures trading account. I am focusing on options and may actually close the futures account soon.



This is a real account with real money. I will keep you informed of the moves I will make, the positions I hold and the value of the account as changes take place. Your comments are always welcome.


I want everyone to have a fighting chance to ‘win’ in the markets. On a personal level – I want to succeed. But, I want you, the ‘little guy’ to make it also. Good luck.



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