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 Engineering Professor (EngProf6)

        Hybrid Timing Model for Analyzing Stocks and Indices


Last Updated:  November 10, 2007    


 Why Am I Doing This?

Because…. I want to prove that it is possible to convert $5K into 1 million dollars by following the predictions of a model I developed to analyze the price fluctuations of stocks and indices. I have a mission – to ‘get rich quick’ on the markets. This is a dream of many but like in a lottery, many try but very few make it. I am out to prove that the market is like the weather. It is predictable on a short term basis. At this time in man’s history (2007) long term forecasts are out of the question. But short term forecasts (e.g. up to a couple of weeks) are viable. This is ‘My Journey’.


I started my journey on Nov. 1, 2006 and one year later I was essentially at the starting point. I had made quite a bit and I had lost just as much and even a bit more. But I am wiser. The model is better and I am better. And so I am restarting ‘My Journey’ as a graduate of my first year. While my grade was barely a pass (let’s call it a C), I am moving on to the next level. Incidentally, the model is so much better. Of late I have become excited by what it can do.


I am an engineering professor at a major university. I teach and conduct research in areas that include fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamics. I have used my mathematical skills in these areas to create a model that is capable of analyzing the cyclical nature of price fluctuations. At this time, I am analyzing 6 issues on both an intraday and daily basis.


Most will ask why I am documenting ‘My Journey’. The answer is simple – because I am a researcher. Most of what I do is documented for subsequent analysis. This web site is my log book (or should I now say my blog). I find that by putting everything on the table, I am more rigorous with my analysis and investment decisions. Moreover, the interactions with you the readers by email help me to be a better researcher and investor. Depending on what happens in the next year, I may set up a hedge fund or I may set up a real time investment group or I may write a book or I may go back to the drawing board. I have modified this statement to read ‘next year’ and not next ‘couple’ of years. That is how confident I am. Stay tuned.  


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